A place where friends and fun meet!

Kids Arena is an entertainment park in Jelgava for the whole family with party rooms, big game attraction zones – Large Attraction, Ninja Park and a Baby Zone, which fascinates and leaves unforgettable emotions. We also have delicious coffee and snacks!



Frequently asked questions about the Kids Arena park are answered below. Additional safety and conduct rules apply to some activities. Visitors are introduced to them and instructed when they arrive at the park.

Are there special rules for different age groups?

Children ages 1 to 16, inclusive, must be accompanied by an adult to enter the park, but children ages 8 and higher may be left unattended in the park if the accompanying adult signs a written authorization. Children under the age of 17 can come and stay in the park on their own, but they must present an Acceptance of Responsibility document signed by their parents (foster parents).

Are there special rules for visitors with mobility impairments?

Visitors with mobility impairments may only visit Kids Arena Park accompanied by adults who are able to properly and professionally take care of them.

Visitors' responsibility

By purchasing a ticket, the visitor confirms that he has been familiarized with the rules of the Kids Arena amusement park and assumes full responsibility for their observance. Parents (foster parents) must be responsible for younger visitors.

Child supervision

Kids Arena does not provide babysitting services. Parents or foster parents are responsible for the supervision and safety of their younger children.

Does an accompanying parent have to buy a ticket?

No, up to two parents accompanying the child do not need to purchase a separate entry ticket.

Dress code for visitors


It is not allowed to stay and play in the Kids Arena park with shoes or bare feet. It is mandatory to wear socks with a rubber anti-slip sole. Such socks, suitable for games, can be purchased at the amusement park Kids Arena. Clothes and shoes can be left in the wardrobe.

Health status of visitors

It is categorically forbidden to visit the amusement park in case of illness or with symptoms of illness. Persons with mobility or health impairments need to consider wisely the possibilities of playing in an amusement park.


In case of injuries or accidents, please inform the amusement park staff immediately. In emergency situations, please call 112 immediately.


It is strictly forbidden to visit the park under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances.

It is strictly forbidden to visit the park under the influence of drugs, alcohol or other substances.

Any sharp or breakable objects are prohibited.

Any third parties can provide their services only with the written consent of the manager of the Kids Arena park.

It is not allowed to stay and play in the Kids Arena park with shoes or bare feet.

Violation of park rules

If a visitor persistently disobeys the rules, ignores warnings or causes unfavorable conditions for the safe entertainment of other visitors in the park, Kids Arena staff has the right to ask the violator to leave the entertainment area without the right to return to it. In this case, unused time will not be compensated and money will not be refunded.

Kids Arena staff

The Kids Arena staff is responsible for the equipment, taking care of the general order and instructing the visitors. If you need any help from them, immediately approach the staff wearing special Kids Arena shirts.

Filming and photography

You may be filmed or photographed during public events. If you do not agree to this and notice that you are being filmed or photographed, you have the right to ask that such material not be published.

In the entertainment area, visitors are allowed to film and photograph the events and the area itself ONLY for non-commercial purposes and avoiding including recognizable persons in the frame, unless they have given their consent.

Video surveillance

For the safety of people and property, the entertainment area of the Kids Arena park is continuously monitored by video surveillance. Records are kept for a maximum of 90 days.

Refund Policy

Money for purchased goods and / or services is not refunded. However, on a case-by-case basis, we may offer other goods and/or services in exchange for the amount paid for the goods and/or services purchased.

Frequently asked questions about party rooms and their rules

Celebrating in one of our birthday party rooms? Please review the birthday party rules and read the birthday party room rules and frequently asked questions.