Party Rooms

The celebration rooms are a great place to celebrate your child's special day in style and excitement.

These dynamic and colorful party spaces are designed with children in mind, offering a safe and entertaining environment for celebrations that will create sweet and fond memories.

In the special party rooms, you will find stylish and themed visualizations, comfortable seating for both children and parents, as well as plenty of space for games and activities in all attractions of the Kids Arena. 

DISCO party room

The room is rented for 2 hours.

The capacity of the party room is up to 20 children.

The price includes 15 children's free amusement park tickets.

GRAFFITI party room

The room is rented for 2 hours.

The capacity of the party room is up to 20 children.

The price includes 15 children's free amusement park tickets.

HEROES party room

The room is rented for 2 hours.

The capacity of the party room is up to 30 children.

The price includes 20 children's free amusement park tickets.


Sejiņu apgleznošana

Krāsainākai un pozitīvākai ballītei, piedāvājam sejas apgleznošanu bērniem.
Lielais sejas zīmējums 8 EUR, mazais sejas zīmējums 5 EUR.
Pakalpojums pieejams arī individuālajiem apmeklētājiem.

Baltais lācis

Baltā lāča apsveikums jubilāram, par draudzīgu cenu – 50 EUR. 
Lācis nodejos 3 Jūsu izvēlētas dziesmas.
Būs kopīgas dejas, fotografēšanās un jautri pavadīts laiks.
Aptuvenā Lāča viesošanās ilgst 20 - 30 minūtes.


About party rooms


Birthday, Name day, graduation or any other event you plan to celebrate - you are welcome to celebrate it with us! The price of the party room includes the price for renting the space for 2 (two) hours (the price depends on the day/time of the celebration) and a free visit to the park for the number of children in the specified amount. (If the number of children is greater than the free one - you have the option to purchase the necessary tickets for visiting the amusement park.

All prices are listed in the Kids Arena price list. Please note that it is possible to spend more time in the party room (in addition to the basic time) only for an additional fee and if it is available for an additional time.

What should be done if the celebrant is ill for unexpected reasons? Don't worry, contact us and we will arrange a change of dates. The registration fee is non-refundable!


Birthday parties can be organized at the time convenient for you. Availability is subject to room and party date. Please find a suitable room and check the prices in the party room reservation system!


The optimal duration of the party is 2 hours.

 You can prepare the room for the party 15 minutes before the reserved time, and "check-out" must be done immediately after the end of the party time; however, at the Kids Arena amusement park, you can keep playing for as long as you want! In case the room is available for the next period, you can stay longer for an additional fee.

We offer two sizes of rooms for your celebration: 2 rooms for up to 20 children and 1 room for up to 30 children.


You can register and pay for the birthday party on the Kids Arena website, in the booking section, or call us or make a reservation at the reception of the Kids Arena amusement park. Registration is considered completed only after payment of the reservation fee and receipt of registration confirmation.

It is recommended to arrive a little early, 15 minutes before the party starts. At the reception, we will check your reservation, the number of participants and make any adjustments if necessary.


At the end of the party, before you leave the party room, it should be tidy and clean. We will take care of the garbage bags.

In the circumstance that the party room is left untidy or the premises and/or equipment are damaged, KIDS ARENA is entitled to apply a cleaning and/or loss compensation fee, depending on the situation.


It is strictly forbidden to use firecrackers, light candles or other flammable objects. Birthday candles are the only exception.

It is forbidden to damage the equipment. KIDS ARENA is entitled to apply a compensation fee if the premises or equipment are damaged.


Each child attending a birthday party is allowed to come with two adults at no extra charge. If the number of adult guests is twice as large as the number of children, then for each additional adult, the price of an accompanying person is applied - 3 EUR per person.


Do you want to surprise the little birthday boy with an animation show? The Kids Arena team will be more than happy to help the little jubilarians make the party special. Contact us by calling or emailing us!


A party is unimaginable without a holiday cake and delicacies - you can certainly come with your holiday feast.

Vai arī pasūtīt ēdienu pie mūsu sadarbības partneriem- Restorāns PARKS.
Īpašais svētku uzkodu piedāvājums ar bezmaksas piegādi ir atrodams šeit:
Uzkodu piedāvājums bērniem (PDF)
Uzkodu piedāvājums pieaugušajiem (PDF)


The party rooms are equipped with everything necessary for the celebration - tables, chairs, kettle, counter and sink. Please bring the disposable dishes and cutlery you will need.


It is forbidden to wear shoes and walk barefoot in the premises of Kids Arena. In the Kids Arena premises, for the safety of visitors, socks with a non-slip bottom must be used, which you can buy from us (2.00 EUR) or bring your own.

Our recommendation - come to the party in comfortable clothes so that you have the opportunity to move freely and enjoy all the entertainment offered by the Kids Arena.