Rules for using the children’s playground and entertainment center

These rules establish SIA “KIDS ARENA”, 50203322721, legal address: Driksas iela 4, Jelgava, LV-3001 hereinafter referred to as KIDS ARENA, provided services – “BIG ATTRACTION”, “NINJA PARK” and “TODDLER ZONE”, hereinafter referred to as Attractions, usage rules and are binding for any person using the services of KIDS ARENA, hereinafter referred to as Visitor.

Visitor’s responsibility

By purchasing a ticket, the visitor confirms that they are familiar with the rules of the children’s playground and entertainment center KIDS ARENA and assume full responsibility for compliance with them. Responsibility for Visitors who have not reached the age of 16 is assumed by their parents (guardians).

Access to KIDS ARENA

Visitors can enter the KIDS ARENA entertainment park by purchasing a ticket and receiving a special wristband.

Childcare and/or supervision services

KIDS ARENA does not provide childcare and/or supervision services. Parents (guardians) are responsible for supervising and ensuring the safety of their children.

Parental supervision is mandatory

Visitors who have not reached the age of 7 at the time of using the Attraction services must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian and must be supervised. Visitors who have not reached:
* 3 (three) years of age are prohibited from being in the “BIG ATTRACTION”;
* 5 (five) years of age are prohibited from being in the “NINJA PARK”.
Visitors aged 1-3 years are prohibited from being in the “TODDLER ZONE” without the supervision of a full-age parent or guardian.
Parents or guardians are obliged to ensure that the child understands the rules of using the Attractions and undertakes to comply with them.

Special rules for different age groups

Children under 7 years of age can visit entertainment venues only accompanied by an adult. Children aged 7 to 16, inclusive, must be accompanied by an adult to enter the park, but children can be left in the park without adult supervision if their accompanying adult signs a written permission.

Visitors with mobility impairments

Visitors with mobility impairments are allowed to visit KIDS Attractions only accompanied by adults who are able to properly and professionally take care of their supervision and safety. KIDS ARENA children’s playground and entertainment center is adapted for people with mobility impairments (separate entrance and equipped toilets).

Visitor’s health condition

If there are any health-related issues, disabilities, injuries, or other conditions, please consider your ability to play at the KIDS ARENA children’s playground and entertainment center.


In case of injury or accident, please immediately inform the KIDS ARENA staff. In emergency situations, please immediately call 112.

Mandatory precondition of use

The mandatory precondition for using the Attractions is the Visitor’s completed and signed disclaimer of liability for using the KIDS ARENA services. If a Visitor using the services of the KIDS ARENA children’s playground and entertainment center has not reached the age of 16, the disclaimer of liability for using the services must be signed by the Visitor’s parent or guardian.

Instructions of the serving staff

Visitors undertake to follow the instructions of the serving staff during the use of the Attractions.

Instructions of the serving staff

The administration and serving staff of KIDS ARENA do not take responsibility for injuries and accidents that occur when the rules of using the Attractions or the instructions of the serving staff are not followed.

KIDS ARENA Attractions Administration

The administration of KIDS ARENA Attractions and serving staff have the sole right to expel Visitors from the Attractions and deny them further access if these KIDS ARENA Attractions usage rules are repeatedly violated or in other cases related to endangering the health or life of Visitors or other Visitors.

In order for the Visitor to fully enjoy the services provided by KIDS ARENA, KIDS ARENA asks Visitors to take into account and adhere to the following:

  • Only one Visitor may be on one trampoline, slide, rubber tower, rotating attraction, etc. at a time.
  • Never attempt tricks that the Visitor has not been trained to perform and that are beyond the Visitor’s personal abilities. It is dangerous!
  • Any kind of somersault (forward, sideways, backward) is a dangerous exercise, as it requires proper preparation. Attempting to perform such exercises poses a risk of injury to the Visitor.
  • As the safety bars and rest area are solid, to avoid injuries to feet, knees, back, or elbows, do not jump or land on safety bars;
  • Jumping on the slide, rubber tower, rotating attractions, etc. is not allowed.
  • After landing in the foam/ball pit area, it must be immediately vacated (as soon as possible);
  • After passing through the obstacle course, it must be immediately vacated, making room for the next Visitor;
  • If the Visitor needs a rest, they must leave the Attraction area.

Visitors are not allowed in the Attraction areas:

  • to be present with food and drinks;
  • to be present with belt buckles, clothing zippers, jewelry, keychains, or other sharp objects;
  • to be present barefoot or with shoes in the Attraction areas (only socks with non-slip soles are allowed, which can be purchased from the KIDS ARENA administration or brought individually by each Visitor);
  • to push, fight, run, play any games, or organize competitions;
  • to perform tricks over the safety bars of the Attractions;
  • to climb, lean, or hang on any of the Attractions unless specifically provided;
  • to throw objects located in the Attraction area to other Visitors;
  • to jump or land on the safety bars of the Attractions;
  • to jump from one Attraction to another;
  • prior to any action, the Visitor must ensure that they will not collide with another Visitor;
  • to land on the head, neck, or dive while using the Attractions;
  • to jump/slide from the Attractions before the Visitor has ensured that the landing area is clear;
  • to use the Attractions if there are items in the clothing pockets;
  • to be under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or psychotropic substances, as well as strong medication that affects the ability to control one’s actions, reduces the ability to orientate in a situation, worsens vision, reaction speed, etc..

Violation of Park rules

If a Visitor, behaving inappropriately, persistently violates the rules, ignores warnings, or creates unfavorable conditions for the safe enjoyment of the children’s playground and entertainment center by other Visitors, KIDS ARENA staff have the right to request the rule violator to leave the children’s playground and entertainment center, without the right to return. In such a case, the unused time will not be compensated, and the money will not be refunded.

Uncertainties during the use of Attractions

During the use of Attractions, in case of any uncertainties, discomfort, or other unforeseen circumstances, please immediately contact the serving staff of KIDS ARENA.

Filming and photography

During public events, you may be filmed or photographed. If you do not agree to this and notice that you are being filmed or photographed, you have the right to request not to publish such material.

In the entertainment area, Visitors are allowed to film and photograph events and the zone itself ONLY for non-commercial purposes and avoiding including recognizable persons in the frame unless they have given their consent.

Video surveillance

For the security of persons and property, continuous video surveillance is carried out in the area of the KIDS ARENA children’s playground and entertainment center. Recordings are kept for no longer than 60 days. For more information about video surveillance, please write to the email: